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Baidu Spark Browser 43.23

Surf the internet, watch streaming video, and download files
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Access online sites, browse the internet and download media and other files. Switch between tabs and operate in a multi-layer environment, fill in forms, read texts and view streams or recorded videos. The browser has a built-in downloader with speed optimization, and also provides a separate window for previewing.

Today’s market is flooded with browsers of all kind and the key problem is which one to choose. Baidu Browser stands out from the crowd, since it has many useful tools which you would normally have to add as an extension or install as a third-party program. Baidu Browser is based on the Chromium platform so it's guaranteed to be fast, but there's so much more this browser can offer.

The basic interface is well known to anybody who ever used Chrome browser, so there is no need to dwell on that, it’s the integrated add-ons that make this browser so interesting. You will notice straight away right next to the address bar five icons that make this browser a powerhouse that it is. First, we have the Facebook icon, once you’re logged in to your account it will display a very well made pop-up window with all the features that you can find on your Facebook page like post a message, view pictures, chat with friends, etc. The browser has the WhatsApp option as well, which takes you to a site that has a QR Code image so you can link your mobile phone, tablet, or other devices to Baidu Browser. There is also the Media Download tool, which eliminates the need for a third-party program to download your favorite audio or videos. When the page with the video starts to load, you will see a button on the top of the video. Click the button and a small menu will appear which lets you select in what quality you want your video to be downloaded.

Baidu Browser even has a built-in torrent manager, another useful tool that would replace a separate program. Then you have the Capture screen tool, which allows you to capture the whole web page or just a selected area, which by the way offers you even more customization when you select an area of a web page. The two remaining icons are the Download page and the Options menu. If you wish to customize your browser, there is Themes menu, so you can spice up your Baidu browser and there are many themes you can choose from. It even comes with something called the Browser Doctor, which diagnoses problems you might have while browsing. This diagnostic tool actually works, which is not the case in most similar software programs. Baidu Browser has a built-in Restore session feature and a Welcome page featuring all the most commonly used sites. And last but not least, the extremely useful mouse navigation system, which, when you hold the right mouse button, allows you to go back or forward, or scroll up or down the page using gestures.

There are many browsers out there and all of them had some sort of a fault. The biggest nerve-wrecker is when you add some must-have extensions. Then you’re really stuck between a rock and a hard place, because you need those extensions, but they slow the browser down to a crawl. Baidu Browser doesn't have that problem because it already features integrated extensions, so you have all these amazing options without the impact on performance, and the best thing is you can add new extensions just like in Chrome, so they thought about that as well. Baidu Browser is an awesome solution if you are in a search of a great browser.

Savo Maric
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  • Fast
  • The GUI is excellent especially if you fiddle with the Themes on offer
  • Has its own media downloader for audio and video files
  • Has its own torrent client
  • Has an integrated Facebook pop-up window which has all the options that the actual site has
  • Connects your devices like phones and tablets with the WhatsApp tool
  • It has a great Screen capture option
  • You can use mouse gestures to ease your browsing


  • It could come with a bigger selection of languages
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